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Prudential, (Illustrator)

This sketch was based off a picture that was taken near Prudential. There are different buildings in the frame that take up a variety of forms. I had to work with drawing lines in different directions and forms; such as straight and curved. Focused on maintaining the overall shape of each structure rather than focus on the small details. However, I liked the look of the windows in one of the buildings so I decided to draw those in using the paintbrush tool. 

The Weeknd, (Illustrator)

This piece was inspired by The Weeknd and his performance at the Superbowl. I made sure to try and match my piece to the original photo to the best of my ability. Therefore, I had to practice with shading and using the eyedropper tool by deciding what color looked the best in the given area. I also utilized the pencil tool to draw out the right shapes and to differentiate the darker shaded areas with lighter ones to create that realistic effect.   

BioBeleza, (Illustrator)


I decided to create a logo for a potential hair product. I named it BioBeleza (BB) which stands for BioBeauty in Portuguese. I chose for my product name to be in Portuguese as I am from Cape Verde Islands where the official language is Portuguese. I chose this name because I want my product to focus on natural ingredients rather than artificial for hair care. As someone with curly hair, I appreciate when the product’s I use are made from natural products, so I wanted to create the product and logo for one. I chose green and blue as the main colors for the design as those resemble the colors of Earth and its natural elements. I also incorporated the silhouette of the girl with curly hair as this is mainly centered for curly hair. Lastly, I chose ‘Apple Chancery’ as my font as I like the cursive appeal but still legible to any user.  

In the Night, (Illustrator)


‘In the Night’ is a visual story of camping at night. I incorporated the whole experience by adding a fire, tent, and a telescope. I mainly used the curvature tool to trace my images. Most of the images are filled in black, but I chose to fill in the moon, blanket, and tent in different colors to highlight the camping aesthetic and to showcase the detailing on the moon. In addition, I incorporated the different shaped stars to contribute to the night story.  

Sabor, (InDesign)

For my menu, I decided to name mine 'Sabor' which means “taste” in Portuguese- one of the 4 languages that I speak. When coming up with the design I wanted to incorporate a green palette because I relate the color to fresh and organic produce which I would want to promote. For a personal touch, all the menu items are of dishes that I enjoy. Additionally, I added the green vines at the top and bottom corners for an aesthetic appeal. I made sure to include the main parts of a menu- the drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts. I divided each part with textbooks that I created a 3D effect by placing a darker box behind it.

Coral, (Photoshop)

This project focused on playing with textures and shapes. I chose a wide array of colors to incorporate in mine which gave off a coral reef effect hence the title name, 'Coral.' I decided to cut up some of my images to fill up the spaces. Some of the shapes appeared as paint blobs as I was going for it to come across as a paint palette. I then added black rectangles and dots for contrast to bring out the colors more. Additionally, I incorporated texture for a few of the images to create a realistic effect.

Save Earth, (Photoshop)

For this project, I played a lot with opacity. I decided for my design to focus on environmental issues as that is a current issue that deserves a lot of attention. Saving our earth should be everyone’s focus as this is the planet that we live in. Therefore, that is why I put “Save the Earth, Save Everyone” as this is a benefit to everyone which is why it should be addressed and taken seriously. I chose to pan from black/white Earths to a green and blue one to show how our Earth now is lacking the care it needs to flourish in its colorful and healthy state. In addition, I made “Save Everyone” a slightly darker opacity to catch the attention of viewers as essentially everyone will be saved once our source of life is saved.

Summer Fun, (Photoshop)

For this assignment, I decided to go with a summer theme. I used the first image as my background and zoomed in a little closer into the sunglasses to be able to see the smaller images within. The rest of the images I put into the lenses of the sunglasses to represent how summer is viewed as fun, relaxed, and spontaneous. The images are spread throughout the two lenses so you can be able to see each one. I changed the opacity of some of the pictures so others would be able to stand out more. For my text I chose, “Shades on, Summer on!” to tie the entire image and idea together.

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